The ground plan of our activities in 2015


January 8           Meeting of the board 

January 14         Coffee morning for entrepreneurs at Märjamaa Community Centre

January 23-25    Teamwork training course in Stockholm

February 18       Bowling Competition

March  26           Meeting of the board

April 24               Annual meeting of the club members+ MEPÜ`s 15th anniversary celebration at Märjamaa Community


May                    Excursion to Vigala area (visiting our local firms)




The ground plan of our activities in 2014


January 8        Coffee morning for entrepreneurs at Märjamaa Community Centre

January 08      Meeting of the board

January 29      Open lecture on psychology in Märjamaa Library

February 15     Sports Day in Russalu

February 19     Visiting the Estonian Drama Theatre in Tallinn   

March 10         Meeting of the board

March 12         Annual meeting of the club members

March 27         Careers day for students "Why do I do what I do 2014?!"

March 29         Having a medical at Märjamaa Health Centre

April 14.-19     Study visit to Poland

April 15           Open lecture for students on economy "How to bebome a man of

                       independent means?" at Märjamaa Community Centre 

May17            Excursion to Märjamaa, Kasti and Valgu area (visiting our local


May 17           Meeting of the board

June 26-27     First aid training on Hobulaiu

September 3   Meeting of the board

September 17 Coffee morning for entrepreneurs and meeting with the mayor of


September 30 Applying to different organization for a grant for the next year projects

October 10      Excursion to Märjamaa and Varbola area (visiting our local firms)

October           Meeting with the board of Märjamaa Gymnasium and secondary

                       level students

October           Open lecture on economy at Märjamaa Community Centre

November        Bowling Competition

December       Meeting of the board

December 5    Celebration of Christmas